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By: Bea Gomez

More pictures to be posted soon....

September's Bulletin Board

Another bulletin board design, this time for the month of September. Using mindmapping and sportsfest for the theme, it took me two days to finish it. The balls are not quite realistic though, but it took me sometime to write all the names of the students in each team--that's from grade 1 to Fourth yr. high school. I consumed eight cartolinas for it.  Glad to finish it before the event.

School-wide T-shirt Printing Event

Fun Drying
"How many minutes would it take to dry, teach?"
"We're done! Bleah!"
My turn!
Our Shirts
The Printing Materials
The Design

Clay Sculpture

Finally! A new post for the new school year. Been so very busy and was not able to post for months. Now I'm back!

Just last July, we launch Nutrition Month. As we celebrated the said event, B.R.I.G.H.T. Art Class took a part by having a Food Model Exhibit which was at the same time a contest. I started this last year and eventually, students are looking forward to it. Here are some pics of the entries and the winners for the Clay Sculpture of the sophomores.

Richie Anne Castillo
Richie goes solo this time and won the first place for this category.

Alecca Adarna and Lotte Schaap
Together they worked and won the third place.


More masterpieces!

For more pics on Clay Sculpture, click on the school year choices below.

Best in Arts (S.Y. 2008-2009)

First Year - Karina Iris B. Yuvallos
Second Year- Kaye Isabel B. Yuvallos
Third Year - Crystal A. Opone
Fourth Year- "Chad" Ting