In This Christmas Season... Recycle

Parol is a traditional Filipino Christmas decoration, a five point star-shaped Christmas lantern, originally made of thin bamboo frames and covered with colored cellophane or with rice paper also known as Japanese paper or papel de Japon. It has two tails that serve as the rays of the star. Parol reminds the Filipino Christians of the star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men on their way in search of Baby Jesus. Parol making is not only a Christmas symbol; it is a symbol of hope for lots of Parol makers. Filipinos used new and recycled materials to make parols, like plastic glasses, candy wrappers, soft drink straws, recycled papers, and shells. The present day parol come in different shapes and sizes it doesn't have to be star- shaped, it can be round, rectangular or even square, like a diorama with the Nativity on it. Parol represents the innovation, creativity, and it is the greatest expression of Christmas spirit.

It is in this connection that the students and teachers of B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy initiated Parol Making Contest that is made up of recyclable and indigenous materials to pave way for this year’s Christmas celebration and at the same time serve as our way of helping save the Earth. In this way, we made the celebration more memorable not just for our school but for Cebu as well.

The main objective of the contest is for everyone to unite and cooperate to produce a craft worthy to be appreciated. The contest also aims to highlight our ingenious craftsmanship. Surely the said activity made this year’s Christmas a bit different.

Scope of the Contest

  • There are two categories of the contest: Individual entry and Class Entry.
  • Both will be graded and will be considered as an Art Class Activity.
  • For the Class entry, there are sub-categories: Primary Level (Grade 1-3), Intermediate Level (Grade 4-6), and High School Level (1st-4th year).
  • For High School level, the lantern/parol must have a minimum height and width of 1 meter but not to exceed 1.5 meters.
  • For Intermediate level, the lantern/parol must have a minimum height and width of 75 centimeters and 50 centimeters for Primary Level.
  • Individual category criteria and specification will be discussed in their respective Art classes.
  • Recycled materials must be used and indigenous materials may be added to enhance aesthetic presentation or visual effect.
  • The winner for the said Class lantern making contest will serve as our entry for the LIGHT A STAR Contest of The Freeman (deadline November 29, 2008).
  • Judging time will be on November 24, 2008, Monday. All lanterns/parol must be displayed in the corridors already by that time.

Criteria for Judging

Creativity/craftsmanship 25%
Proper use of recycle materials 25%
Aesthetic impact/presentation 30%
Speed 10%
Neatness 10%
Total 100%

Our Freeeman LIGHT A STAR Contest Entry

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