Family Day Stage Design

I started working at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a day before the event. Yes, i know it's kinda late. Typical T. Ren works efficiently under pressure :)
I'm kinda worried but i know I can finish it. Partly I'm thinking, "Why am I alone here?" But everybody's so busy; I need to do my part. "This is big..." Four plywood connected to each other, taller than me. Fortunately, I got help from the kuyas til 5p.m. painting it white but I stayed til 11 p.m. painting the whole design. Alone in the gym with paintbrushes in hand, i shivered. Kinda scary working alone. Then came my hubby with food! Yes, with food!:)
I considered it unfinished work coz i was not able to copy the whole thing in the program. Kinda tired but It felt so good. The first thing in my mind is not what the people in school will say about it but what will my dad say if he sees it. I bet he'll be proud of me. I got his skills among his siblings. *sigh*

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